We came
from sunny California

Our chef is proud to serve the original Hawaiian poke.


Come and try it

We're in Milano currently in 4 locations:
via Gaetano de Castillia 24 (Isola)
via Pasquale Paoli 3 (Navigli)
Citylife piazza tre torri (Sunny garden)
via Carlo Freguglia 2 (Tribunale)

From Monday to Sunday
11:30 am - 10.30 pm

More info at
+39 02 8496 7729 (Isola)
+39 02 8278 8640 (Navigli)
+39 02 4398 0008 (Citylife)
‎+39 02 3658 0236 (Tribunale)
Reservations now welcome for dinner!

Stay cozy and order for delivery

And if you like to order with your colleagues just send us a note to receive a VIP treatment!

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